Executive Leadership

Timothée has over 10 years consulting and industry experience. Former principal at A.T. Kearney in Paris, a global leading consultancy, he supported major industrial groups in all strategical questions at executive level.

Specialized in innovation management, he helped his clients to identify new business opportunities, assess and prioritize innovation portfolio and define the optimal go-to-market. His skills in strategy, project management and leadership are perfectly balancing the scientific DNA of Greenerwave.

Timothée graduated from ESPCI Paris, a major institution of higher education (a French “Grande Ecole d’ingénieurs”), known as the Nobel Prizes school for its 6 Nobels. He specialized in Physics, which enables him to have a clear understanding of Greenerwave technology and its potential.

Timothée is also an accomplished sportsman. Experienced climber and alpinist, he knows the importance of the team, anticipation, persistency and focus. He knows how to take controlled risks and when.

Geoffroy is the co-founder and the inventor of the concepts behind Greenerwave with Mathias Fink. He is on leave from academia to fully support the company’s development and bring his scientific expertise.

Geoffroy earned an engineering degree from ESPCI Paris, a Master’s degree in electronics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie and a PhD in Physics from Université Paris Diderot. He joined University of California at Berkeley for Postdoctoral researches working mainly on metamaterials and plasmonics.

Coming back to France, Geoffroy was appointed by French main academic research organization CNRS in 2008 and started a group at Institut Langevin (CNRS & ESPCI Paris). Geoffroy’s researches are in metamaterials and metasurfaces, time reversal and signal processing, subwavelength imaging and focusing techniques, wavefront shaping in optics and RF, photonic and phononic crystals, reverberating and locally resonant media, and span all domains of wave physics from acoustics to optics.

Geoffroy has been invited more than 60 times at international conferences, and has given invited seminars in many universities worldwide. He supervised 8 PhD students, 6 postdocs and 20 Master students. His research led 100 scientific articles, 15 patents and 2 startups. 

Mathias is one of the most talented Physicist of his generation. Member of the French “Académie des Sciences” and “Académie des Technologies”, he is specialized in waves and imaging. His work led to major discoveries such as: multi-wave imaging, time reversal mirrors, subwavelength imaging and focusing technics, wavefront shaping…
 Mathias is still very active professionally. He is a board member of various scientific councils of leading industrial groups and the George Charpak Professor at ESPCI Paris. Invited around the world by leading public and private institutions, he provides his insights and perspectives with energy and

Mathias has a clear understanding of what makes a successful start-up as he found and contributed to the success of 6 startups in multiple fields: Sensitive Object, TR Com, Echosens or SuperSonic Imaging… For Greenerwave, he decided to take an even more active role and accepted to become the head of the
scientific council. 

Besides, Mathias founded the Institut Langevin in 2009 and managed it for 5 years. He was titular of the Technology Innovation chair at the “College de France” and a board member of the CEA. He is the laureate of multiple scientific prizes: silver and innovation medals of CNRS (1995, 2011), Rayleigh-
Helmholtz (2006), Louis Néel (2008), Yves Rocard (2011), Charpak-Dubousset (2018). His number of scientific publications is exceptional and cited more than 42 000 times today.