We shape electromagnetic waves

Drawing on deep-wave physics, Greenerwave develops revolutionary solutions to meet the toughest connectivity and mobility challenges.
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Greenerwave’s Quality Management System is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, for its Research, development, and design of radiofrequency products and solutions for telecommunications, imaging, and detection.

Our technology metasurface

Electromagnetic waves have unique properties. They carry ever-increasing amounts of data and will provide high-resolution images of your environment.

Conventional engineering, which results in complex and expensive hardware, is inadequate to cope with these trends.

Our revolutionary technology unleashes the true potential of radio waves; bridging the digital divide, connecting the physical world and creating an environment for greater automation.

We unleash the full potential of RF systems with smart reconfigurable materials & physics-inspired algorithms.

We develop best-in-class solutions to democratize connectivity and imaging solutions.


Low-energy, low-profile, cost-effective multiconstellation antennas. Greenerwave teams make it possible!


mmWave beamforming revolution for seamless and ubiquitous broadband access.


Turning standard chipsets into high-resolution imaging radars with mass-market electronic components.


Connecting the physical world with smart RF environments.