Satellite Communications



With the rapid progress of space technology, the SATCOM industry is at a critical inflection point. It is poised to move beyond niche market status to play a more important role in modern communications in the years to come. Various market studies show that agile, small-aperture SATCOM solutions will take the lion’s share of the SATCOM terminal market. Thanks to its unique technology, Greenerwave has the keys to conquering this new market on a massive scale and meeting customers’ needs!


With the arrival of Newspace players, the space industry is experiencing a revolution, shifting from GEO-based niche applications to LEO-based masse applications. Global telecom infrastructures are now installed in space.

There are existing markets for our technology, such as Governments, Enterprises, Defense, Backhauling or the new Broadband Internet. But mobility is also starting to grow, first in the maritime field, drones, aeronautics and then the automotive sector.

We must serve existing markets that need cost-effective, energy-efficient, high performance and constellation-agnostic (LEO/MEO/GEO compatible) antennas, first in the Ku band, then in the Ka band.

Markets studies predict the deployment of millions of ESA terminals before the end of the decade.


  • Passive wave control, electromagnetic wave shaping using electronically reconfigurable smart materials
  • Ultra-efficient, flexible beamforming
  • Constellation-agnostic (LEO/MEO/GEO compatible)
  • Complexity moved from hardware to software
  • Few layers of conventional PCB
  • Standard discrete components
  • Ultra-low consumption
  • Easy integration
  • Conformable
  • Real-time reconfigurable 
  • Cost-effective to unlock mass-market

And this is not based on a phased array solution…

I served in the Marine Nationale Française (French Navy) for 18 years and more specifically in the areas of Information Technology and SATCOM. Then, I worked for Airbus Defence & Space in the Strategy Division on future & innovating technologies. When I discovered the Greenerwave unique technology, I knew instantaneously that this Tech will revolutionize the design of SATCOM antennas, and by extend, will boost massively France and EU on the worldwide SATCOM market.

Yoann Jezequel

SATCOM Business Line Director, Greenerwave