4D Imaging Radar

Higt resolution radar

Turning any chipset into a high-resolution radar

Resistant to lighting and weather conditions, long-range radars have an important role to play in providing images of their surroundings (as a complement or replacement for cameras or LIDAR). 

But mass-market radars are currently limited in terms of resolution (e.g. the ability to distinguish a truck from a bike) due to the limited aperture achievable at reasonable cost.

By combining our beamforming technology with self-adaptive multi-illumination techniques, we turn any chipset into a high-resolution imaging radar at a competitive cost.


4D imaging radar with unmatched resolution

Inspired by wavefront shaping techniques used in medical imaging, our radar detects and tracks both moving and static objects with unrivalled performance.

Our solution is also ideal for environment mapping and localization (SLAM). It offers high separation capacities of speed, range, azimuth, and environmental elevation.

4D imaging radar with unrivaled resolution
car radar

A strategic partnership to address the automotive market

By joining forces with Plastic Omnium, we are developing the next generation of 77-81Ghz imaging radar for the automotive mass market. The unique combination of Plastic Omnium large body panels with Greenerwave’s cost effective beamformers results in the radar with the largest aperture and Field of View available on the market.

Our products unlock L3 and higher autonomous driving supporting multiple ADAS functions (ACC, AEB, RCTA, BSD, Valet Parking…) and Euro NCAP scenarios.

We develop radar products with outstanding capabilities

Our radar technology detects, tracks and separates multiple objects at the same time, in all lighting and weather conditions, over a wide FoV.

Unmatched resolution & wide FoV

Angular resolution up to 0.5° over a 180° field of view up to 300 m, with interference suppression.

robustness and easy maintenance

Distributed modules and simple hardware facilitate maintenance and availability of the radar system.


A single device for multi-mode capabilities

The ability to reconfigure the device on-the-fly (from ultra-short to long range modes). 


Off-the-shelf commercial electronics, assembled on a conventional printed circuit board with standard manufacturing for mass-market applications.

Modular, Scalable design

From cost-effective to high performance radar, each customer can tailor our solution to their needs.


Addressable markets

With a current focus on the automotive market, we will consider other ones in the coming years.


Automotive solutions: (77-81Ghz)

  • L3 and higher autonomous driving
  • In-cabin monitoring

Home and well being :

  • Detection sensing
  • Vital function monitoring

Others: Robotics, unmanned vehicles, smart buildings, homeland security... and much, much more