Greenerwave is a French deep-tech startup based in the heart of Paris. Founded in 2016 by CNRS researcher Geoffroy Lerosey and Mathias Fink, professor at ESPCI Paris, to promote their pioneering research into shaping electromagnetic waves using smart materials and deep-physics algorithms.

In 2012, they took the concept of reconfigurable smart surfaces from the field of optics to that of telecommunications, with their first proof-of-concept of an intelligent indoor environment enhanced by a wavefront shaping approach. Since this first technological achievement, Greenerwave has continued its journey in the wireless communications industry. It applies its unique technology and wave control know-how to a wide range of applications, from RFID and 4D RADAR imaging to steerable electronic antennas for SATCOM and 5G-6G.

Using intelligent reconfigurable materials based on cost-effective and off-the-shelf electronic components, and proprietary physical algorithms, Greenerwave shifts complexity from hardware to software.
The products developed are cost-effective and low-consumption, which explains the growing interest of major industry players.

Greenerwave, the name

Our name is the composition of the two words Greener and Wave.
Wave refers to the electromagnetic waves used to make an environment “smart”. Greener refers to the use of these electromagnetic waves with drastically reduced energy consumption.

Thus, the name Greenerwave derives from the desire to use the results of fundamental physics research to personally influence the crisis of increasing energy consumption, by creating a greener connected planet on a global scale.


Our ambitions

Greenerwave’s ambition is to become the world’s leading player in the wireless communications industry, using smart reconfigurable materials based on cost-effective, readily available components and proprietary physical algorithms. We design the first software-controlled, low-cost, ultra-fast, environmentally friendly, and high-performance products.

These metasurfaces are used to fabricate our disruptive electronically steerable active antennas, which deliver outstanding performance, revolutionizing the concept of wireless transmission and opening up incredible perspectives in a wide range of applications.

Greenerwave’s solutions





Executive Management

Geoffroy Lerosey

Co-founder, CEO/CSO

Inès Mouga

General Manager

Business Line Leaders


Jonathan Duquet

RADAR BU Director

Youssef Nasser

5G/6G BU Director

Yoann Jezequel

SATCOM BU Director

Corporate Management

Delphine Bénicourt

Head of Engineering

Magalie Peter

Head of Human Resources

Jérémy Monnet

Head of Finance


Mikhail Odit

RF Manager

Uladzislau Papou

RF Manager

Mathieu Durand

Algorithm Team Manager

Gérald Vincent

Hardware Development Team Manager

Rémi Faggiani

Innovation Program Director

Jean-Baptiste Gros

New Partnership Director

Neil Donnelly

Industrial Manager

François Weidler-Bauchez

Legal Counsel – Business Law

Our Story

“Of all the startups from the Institut Langevin, Greenerwave is the most disruptive and transversal”

Mathias Fink

Co-founder of Greenerwave, member of the French academy of science.

Greenerwave was founded with the ambitious goal to simplify RF systems, for better energy efficiency and better affordability. It originally spun off from the Institut Langevin (CNRS, ESPCI) in Paris to push and develop the concept of smart electromagnetic environments for greener communications.

Today, the company designs disruptive solutions based on smart materials and ad hoc algorithms, bringing unique beamforming and wave control products to the market, with a range of applications covering imaging, wireless communications and detection.