RFID solutions

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Exploiting the full potential of RFID

Cost-effective, RFID ensures that even low-value items can be part of the IoT. The technology has now reached maturity and is widely adopted in retail (omnichannel, unmanned stores, lean supply chain…) and industry (inventory, sensors). However, in complex environments, it is difficult to ensure seamless, real-time communication with all connected items.

Using wave Control and off-the-shelf electronics, we functionalize the environment to make it electromagnetically smart, unleashing the full potential of RFID.

Empowering RFID with Greenerwave tech

From smart cabinets to large-scale asset tracking, our innovative solutions are tailored to all your needs. By functionalizing walls or/and shelves, covering them with smart materials, we ensure unprecedented RFID detection in the most complex environments at lower CAPEX.

Empowering rfid

We offer products with unique performances

We combine our technology alongside extensive expertise in UHF RFID to develop ultra reliable, cost-efficient products.

Smart Cabinets for New retail and unique CX

Available off-the-shelf, our smart cabinets enable unmanned POS and self-service systems to offer a unique customer experience.


Lean Supply chain services

At all steps of your supply chain we ensure real-time and accurate asset tracking and more. We enable real-time visibility on your stocks : from factories to clients.


Our smart materials can be integrated in any
environment to ensure reliable RFID detection for the most challenging applications (vans, engines, cargo hold…).

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Let us build together tailored solutions

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Hidden in the cabinet walls, our technology makes it possible to set up unmanned self-service systems that are more efficient, more reliable and less expensive:

. Detection of up to 200 items in less than 5 seconds
. Only 2 antennas for the entire cabinet
. Low-sensitivity RFID reader

With Greenerwave technology inside, no more errors, no more lost items, a better user experience.