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Unlocking beamforming @mmWave

Conventional solutions at mmWave rely on customized, low-efficiency RF circuits known as MMICs. By leveraging wave control and off-the-shelf electronics, we revolutionize beamforming, delivering unrivalled performance at low power, and paving the way for ubiquitous broadband connectivity.

Our mmWave product ecosystem (X, Ku, Ka and V)

We develop a wide range of solutions, from user terminals for LEO broadband to 5G beamformers and access point repeaters/extenders. Our products meet the toughest challenges in their sector, while reducing costs and energy consumption by a factor of 5.

Protocol agnostic, our passive and electronic RF beamformers adapt to any system.


python technology
python technology

Our mmWave product ecosystem (X, Ku, Ka and V)

From user terminals for consumer broadband LEO to 5G beamformers and access point repeater/extenders, we develop a wide range of solutions. Our products meet the toughest challenges of their industry while cutting cost and energy consumption by a factor 5. 

Agnostic to protocol, our RF passive and electronical beamforming adapts to any system.

We develop products with unique possibilities

Our products combine passive RF beamforming with central amplification (where applicable). While our hardware design offers unique properties, our software-defined control exploits them to achieve extreme capabilities.

OVER 40% RF efficiency and low power

Our proprietary tunable materials and antenna designs enable ultra-efficient beamforming with minimal electrical power (passive RF). The amplification chain is the main driver of power consumption.


Multibeam/ stream


The shaping of electromagnetic waves naturally makes it possible to obtain multiple beams with extreme polarization and frequency possibilities, as well as the formation of low-complexity hybrid beams.

Protocol agnostic and multi vendors

Wave control is standard, protocol and vendor agnostic by default. The same antenna can serve multiple operators, connect to several constellations, and dual 5G/Satcom systems are even possible.


Using physics-based algorithms, our beamformers offer software-controlled polarizations, bandwidths or number of beams or streams.

Unique Cost advantage

Beamformers are the main cost factor in steerable antennas. Using off-the-shelf electronic components assembled on conventional PCB with standard manufacturing, our beamformers have unique cost advantages. 


Our markets

Greenerwave’s software-defined, highly scalable technology adapts to most specific market requirements, from mass market to high-end. We focus on the following areas:


Consumer broadband


On-the-move (Land, Maritime, Aero)