Greenerwave hosted the last round of Face-to-Face #CONVERGE project meetings

Apr 30, 2024

CONVERGE is a cutting-edge #EU initiative part of the HORIZON-INFRA-2022 program, aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation across borders. With a diverse consortium spanning France, Portugal, Finland, and the UK, CONVERGE brings together a dynamic mix of partners from SMEs, industry, academia, and research institutions.

The main objective of the CONVERGE project is to create an innovative toolset in line with the motto “view-to- communicate and communicate-to-view”. This pioneering toolset comprises vision-aided large intelligent surfaces, vision-aided fixed and mobile base stations, a vision-radio simulator and 3D environment modeler, and machine learning algorithms for multimodal data including radio signals, video streams, RF sensing, and traffic traces.

The face-to-face meeting at CONVERGE serves as a comprehensive platform for reviewing progress, assessing tasks, planning for the future, making decisions, and reporting, bringing together stakeholders to effectively guide the project towards its objectives. 

Additionally, attendees got ta taste of Paris and the dynamic startup culture at Greenerwave. 

Furthermore, partners had the opportunity to tour Greenerwave’s laboratories and development facilities, gaining a deeper understanding of the technology, products, and processes.

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Greenerwave’s stats!

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