Greenerwave in the news: “A true paradigm shift in Radio Frequency control

Apr 1, 2020

Our smart antennas bring a true paradigm shift to the industry in order to unlock mass deployment of 5GmmWave and Satellite communication.

Inspired from metamaterials but simplified through physics, we are developing a software defined antenna. We massively cut hardware cost and power consumption while ensuring true broadband connectivity!

Check-out how wave control has inspired our design! 

Thanks Industrie & Technologies for the great article

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Agc Test Greenerwave RIS Reflector to Improve Indoor 5g Areas

AGC, in partnership with Greenerwave, has developed a RIS reflector by utilizing AGC's core technologies in low-loss circuit board materials and electromagnetic field design and evaluation together with Greenerwave's metasurface design technology. This RIS reflector...

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