Greenerwave and SUNRISE-6G

Jan 24, 2024

✨📶 Greenerwave is proud to announce its active participation in the SUNRISE-6G project, as part of the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking’s (SNS JU) latest call for proposals, SNS-Stream C.

This project aims to develop the first 6G experimental Pan-European Infrastructure platform, federating 14 6G testbeds.

🇪🇺 With a total budget of 13 million euros and the collaboration of 29 partners spanning 12 European Union member states, the project will deliver a truly scalable and 3GPP-compliant federation solution, federated AI as a Service, a MLOPS AI plane, and a plethora of AI-based 6G enablers, such as Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces provided by Greenerwave.

The scope of the project extends to demonstrating these solutions in three use cases and 14 functional tests, showcasing federation with non-EU testbeds.

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What a time at Satellite 2024!

What an incredible time at #Satellite2024! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and engaged in dynamic conversations about the future of #satellite #communications! This event held a particular significance for us, as it provided the perfect platform to...

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Greenerwave laureate of France 2030!

It is with great pride that we welcome the announcement by the President Emmanuel Macron, from the Kourou Space Center, designating Greenerwave as the winner of the "Constellations" call for projects in the space section of #France2030.This support granted by the...

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Greenerwave is at Hello Tomorrow with Safran

Last week, Greenerwave was one of the 9 startups invited to the Safran booth at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit. The event brought together key players in the world of technology and startups: entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and innovative companies from all...

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