Presentation of Greenerwave technology to RAIN RFID leaders in Florence.

Jun 12, 2019

Leaders of RFID gathered in Florence on 11-12th of June thanks to  Rain RFID Alliance. 

Geoffrey Lerosay, CSO of greenerwave, explained how to simplify RFID UHF infrastructures to lower CAPEX while enabling real time, fully automatised inventories in most complex environments. Here is his presentation : 20190611_Greenerwave RFID_RAIN_Meeting_Vdef_Static

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Agc Test Greenerwave RIS Reflector to Improve Indoor 5g Areas

AGC, in partnership with Greenerwave, has developed a RIS reflector by utilizing AGC's core technologies in low-loss circuit board materials and electromagnetic field design and evaluation together with Greenerwave's metasurface design technology. This RIS reflector...

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