Greenerwave at the European Space Agency

Mar 12, 2024

A short while ago, Greenerwave and the members of Alliance NewSpace France were received at the European Space Agency by Josef Aschbacher, GĂ©raldine Naja, Franck Germes, Christine Klein and Florian Marmuse.

🛰️ The meeting provided an opportunity to explore the prospects offered to European players, mainly start-ups and SMEs, in the #space sector, as well as to discuss issues of European #sovereignty and #competitiveness 🇪🇺.

Many thanks to ANF and ESA for their warm welcome and the sincerity of the discussionsđź’«.

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Looking back at Greenerwave’s Team Building Event!

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our recent team-building session in the south of France.These few days provided a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our bonds and create unforgettable memories together! On the agenda: an inspiring look back at the history...

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