The Minister of Research and Higher Education visits Greenerwave

Apr 9, 2024

We were very honored to receive the visit of Madame Sylvie Retailleau, Minister of Research and Higher Education, accompanied by a delegation of personalities from the City of Paris, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, CNRS – Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and PSL University.

We had the pleasure of sharing Greenerwave’s history, from our privileged links with the Institut Langevin, to our projects, advances and aspirations in the field of research and higher education. The visit was also an opportunity to present our disruptive technology using low-energy materials, while discussing our commitment to actively contributing to the preservation of French and European strategic interests with, in particular, the support of Bpifrance, and programs such as #France2030 and #Accelerator of the #EIC.

We are grateful for the time spent with our teams, especially our technical experts, as well as for listening carefully to our ideas and concerns as a startup stemming from academic research.

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Greenerwave’s stats!

85 employees, 24 nationalities, 30% of doctoral degree holders… Greenerwave takes pride in nurturing talents, providing career prospects for individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds recognizing the invaluable contributions they bring to our collective endeavors....

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